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Thanks so much for visiting! My artwork is heavily inspired by the '80s pop culture visuals I was immersed in while growing up in New Jersey: comic books, movie posters, animation, arcade game cabinets, video game box art, toy packaging, freestyle bikes, album covers, magazine ads, music videos, Swatch watches, and the overall vibrant design aesthetic of the era.


Having majored in Marketing with a minor in Illustration, I've been fortunate to utilize my mix of skill sets -- digital marketing, copywriting, and visual design -- at high profile brands that include Paramount, CBS, Arcade1Up, Dylan's Candy Bar, and Marvel Comics.


After years (decades) away from drawing and painting, I'm now actively working on pieces using a hybrid "tradigital" workflow, in the visual style I've always been enamored with.

Pac-Man illustration by Darren Kane.

Waka, Waka, Waka...

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